It's more than a display!!!!

WOW..That's many accessories with SPACEWRITER display now. With different size / shape Kinetic display. You can install different functional part for multi-purpose applications. From display shelf to banner rod that's convenient to find out what market wants. For events it could be a eye-catching display for public. For exhibition it would be a shelf for commercial items. That would be a great combination on the display and stand. That's flexibility with height and accessories. General user can decide the style and change the design without professional consultant. This system is installed easily and quickly. User would love it when they see the whole system with our SPACEWRITER display.

1. Easy to install
2. Flexible to change parts
3. Compact size for transportation
4. Different height for applications
5. Varied accessories for multi-purpose
6. Strong structure to support display
7. Fantastic design in public
8. Modular display for customer choices
1. In Store - Highlight special promotions
2. Exhibitions - Draw people to your stand/ products
3. Retail Malls - Draw people into your location
4. Shop front display- Motivate people to enter
5. Events - Direct visitors / patrons appropriately
6. Bar / Disco - Best magic image.
7. Restaurant / Cafes - Highlight special menus
8. Information - Send updates to your customers from your device.