User can update the contents easily by exchaning MircroSD card inside Uploader. The file presaved in card will be uploaded from uploader. User just plug in and uploader will start to update display contents after power on.
>> Download uploader.pdf

Cluster Synchronizer
User is able to connect displays by daisy chain then sending the commands or data by Cluster Synchronizer
>> Download Cluster Synchronizer.pdf

Cluster Uploader
Cluster Uploader will duplicate the serial to next display by Cluster Adaptor

Cluster Adaptor
This adaptor helps connecting previous serial to next display.

iBall Ceiling Bracket
This ceiling bracket can get the iball/ desktop upside down on the ceiling. That's 2 plate in one Set. Just fix one on the iball and the other one on the ceiling and then connect two plate by lock. That's done!
>> Download IBceilingBracket.pdf

WallScreen Floor Stand
Stainless stand with wheel gives wallscreen mobility and is convered with printing board
>> Download WSfloorstand.pdf

WallScreen Push Cart
it's a special-made trolly for Wallscreen. User can move the display eaisly based on short distance transportation.
>> Download WallscreenPushcart.pdf

WallScreen Wallbracket
User is able to install Wallscreen on the ceiling or wall by this bracket.
>> Download WallscreenBracket.pdf

USB2RS232 Adaptor
Most of Laptop has no serial port nowadays. User can still connect to display on its USB by this Adaptor

User can install iLight, iBall or iBall500 on the top as a stand. The aluminum tripod gives the advantages for trade show and events.
>> Download Tripod.pdf

Control box
It's a waterpoof aluminim box with uploader and switching power. User can easily install display with this box in many applications. Wall-Mount/ Pole Mount are all available for this rigid controller.
>> Download Controlbox.pdf