a fusion of art and light.

This is brand new combination with cutting-edge digital display and different material. People would say it's a elegant art piece even simply with the performance of the wooden frame design . This alternative concept on circle frame gives this piece life and emotion. It could be covered by those frame or just move it to the right position as you wish. It's more than a led display..that's a fusion of are and light.

1. In Store - Highlight special promotions
2. Exhibitions - Draw people to your stand/ products
3. Retail Malls - Draw people into your location
4. Shop front display- Motivate people to enter
5. Events - Direct visitors / patrons appropriately
6. Record / Book Store - Best seller stands
7. Restaurant / Cafes - Highlight special menus
8. Informaiton - Send updates to your customers from your device.
9. Office Receiption - Welcome Guest and show features